Gifts for Your Dragon and Other Creature Pets for Christmas

cat under Christmas treeThe Christmas season is a wonderful time to spend more time with friends and family, even if you don’t actually celebrate the actual holiday.  However, often we forget that we have special members of the family that would love gifts and extra time and love, too, even if they understand the meaning of Christmas. We can’t forget about our dragons, I mean creature pets.

Not everyone is lucky enough to own a pet dragon. In fact, I’m still searching. But many of us love furrier and smaller versions, such as dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, etc. Sometimes we have the smaller, feathered griffins, uh, birds. Maybe we even own reptiles because they’re related to the mythical dragon, or tarantulas or turtles. These creatures need some attention during the holidays, too.

Lots of websites give you lists of things to purchase for your adorable creature. PetMD, for example, has a top 10 holiday gifts for dogs list. Even Business Insider couldn’t resist making a list of gifts for dogs. Brostrick was nice enough to make a list for both dog and cat owners, as did Good Housekeeping. If you want a pet gift that isn’t for a dog or cat,  you actually have to Google “hamster gifts” or “snake gifts,” and most of those sites will still just be funky tee shirts or gifts for the snake or hamster lover.

We need more gift ideas for the non-dog and cat pets. In fact, we could use better gifts for dogs and cats, too. An expensive, unique gift may not be what your pet needs or wants. But it isn’t like your pet can tell you (at least not yet). And they don’t write to Santa or sit on his lap (as far as we know), so picking a gift is a bit more tricky. However, there are some easy basics that you can follow in finding the perfect new gift for your pet.

Gift Ideas for Your Pets (Including Dragons)

  • A more spacious living environment. Is your creature still living in the confines of the pet store cage you bought at the same time as your creature? Chances are, that cage is way too small. This video talks specifically about guinea pigs, but it applies to all small animals: hamsters, mice, rats, rabbits, birds, even fish and other non-furry creatures. Pet store cages and living spaces are too small (and sometimes just as expensive as something actually sized for your creature pet). Do some research and upgrade your creature into a living space that actually gives them the space they need and is safe for them. They deserve it.
  • Actually play with your creature’s new toy with them. New toys are fun for creatures, but give the small loved ones in your life some of your time and bond. Play with them and don’t just toss them their new toy to play with by themselves (unless your creature viciously bites, then they might prefer to play with their toys by themselves).
  • Healthy treats for your creatures. You don’t have to go vegan or gluten-free for their treats, but make sure it’s something good for their diets. Hamsters, guinea pigs, mice, rats, and rabbits need specific kinds of grains or veggies, so don’t just give them leftovers as a treat. Make sure it’s actually good for them. And be careful about the dog bones you get for your dogs. Most of them aren’t actually good for your dog. The FDA has been clear about this, but dog owners tend to not see the article or think that it doesn’t matter. It does matter.
  • And if you managed to tame a dragon, consider gifting it some fire-proof bedding and clean treasure.

As you decide on a gift for your creature pal, keep in mind their health requirements and what they can eat. You know your creature’s personalities and preferences best, and there’s plenty of research out there on the web to equip you with ideas that are actually good for your creature. Just don’t go with the standard lists of what to buy for your creatures. Those lists don’t know your creatures like you do.

Happy Holidays to you and your creatures!

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