The Philcadian Chronicles

Currently, I am working on editing my 5 book series, The Philcadian Chronicles. I absolutely love it: it's filled with magic, dragons, and exotic creatures and people.

The Dragonblood Cure, Book 1 of the Philcadian Chronicles

It's been 40 years since the last dragon attack. Greenways Village's smoldering ruins serve as a reminder to all to tread lightly around a dragon. No one knows why it came or why it disappeared after its first and only attack, but one must always tread carefully when their next-door neighbor is a five-ton, fire-breathing, doomsday resident.

Asha, a talented but inexperienced healer, discovers a new and seemingly incurable disease plaguing her small village. When confronted with the loss of friends and family, she turns to an unlikely ally who brings word of a cure derived from dragon's blood.

With little experience on her own and a family to heal, Asha and her ally Typhax set out to find anyone either brave or misguided enough to take on a dragon in its lair.

Will a young woman, a haughty elf, a cheerful thief, a sly merchant, and a swashbuckling nobleman be enough to put an end to the dragon's reign of terror and the village's illness?