Why Fantasy?

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Some of you may wonder why you should read fantasy instead of romance, mystery, non-fiction, and all the other genres out there. It’s a personal question, and some people may even prefer other genres over fantasy. But for me, I prefer fantasy. The reason for this is escapism.

Why do we read?

To be well informed? To increase our intelligence? To fulfill a homework or work assignment? To entertain ourselves?

I read and write to escape.

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Our current world is way too busy

We live in a world where responsibilities, stress, anxiety, tasks, chores, work, and obligations suck away every last second of time. We may think that we are too busy. That there just simply isn’t enough time in the day to sit down, open up a book, and become lost in the narrative. It’s hard, but to do this we must make time.

Too often are our days guided by what’s happening around us, where we feel the control slip out from under our fingers. We feel that all our choices of what to do have been made for us and we are just rushing from one task to the next. Does this sound like an enjoyable and fulfilling life?

To me, it sure doesn’t! So take control. It isn’t easy, but it’s most definitely worth it. Do what makes you happy. Make the choice to be happy no matter your circumstances. If you want to read for 30 minutes a day, then cut back on an activity that takes too long and add those 30 minutes to your reading goal. Your body will feel replenished and your mind will feel at ease.

So why fantasy?

This busy world brings me to my first question: why fantasy?

Fantasy is an outlet. It doesn’t take over life but allows you to experience a different lifestyle. Fantasy books are rich with new worlds and new people to discover. There is a predominant theme of good overcoming evil and inexperienced characters overcoming the odds.

Look at Lord of the Rings. The smallest of characters become the largest of heroes. In a fantasy world, you can be whoever you want to be. You can visit wherever you want to go, and you can meet new individuals with unique abilities and personalities. Without being held down by the boundaries of realism, fantasy can soar beyond the impossible to create the magical.

If you get the change and you make the time, pick up a fantasy novel. Dive in and enjoy the magical world that is so vastly different than our own. Let it take you away to a new world where you are the hero.

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